Big Laundry

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Today was like any other day. At least, as every day when B.A.P had the day off.
Daehyun devoted himself to emptying the fridge. Thus, consuming the food with expired use-by date. But of course he also ate the rest….
Youngjae spend his free time by himself, somewhere in the corner, playing with his new iPad.
Yongguk and Zelo went shopping. Since it was already about two weeks since they had something proper to eat. And Daehyun would probably go crazy, if he didn't get a piece of meat.
Jongup sat down to television and eventually fell asleep at watching some dance show.
Only Himchan decided to do something. Because Junhong lagged with his assigned tasks in dorm, lately…so Himchan decided, that he takes it for him today.
His duty was to wash clothes. And dirty clothes were everywhere by now. He fetched a pile of clothes from all rooms, when something attracted him in one of them.
Perhaps it should've been stuffed animal, but trough the layer of dirt, it was quite difficult to assess. It was orange and black here and there, but Himchan knew very well what it was.
"Aish…why it always gotta be me?!" He sighed and took the very dusty object with him.
This day was called: Big laundry. Himchan was uncompromising and had washed everything, he thought, for just a little dirty. So it was no surprise, when after about half an hour he woke up Jongup, to take down the curtains off of the windows.
Normally he would've wait until Zelo came home. He was as tall as a giraffe, which was downright useful at these things, no doubt.
Actually he finally forced Youngjae to stop 'wasting HIS precious time by playing and doing nothing' and took off all the sheets of the beds. Then, forced Daehyun, to change new sheets. Himchan was happily humming, as he was thinking about, how well they listening to him….
Black-haired boy just turned on the washing machine with a second batch of clothes, when door burst open and the enthusiastic Maknae of the group ran into the apartment.
To the delight of all, they bought enough food, as if they were going to feast. Himchan was giving food inside of the vacated refrigerator, when he heard the roar…
And there it began. As always, when this happened….
"Who took my TIGGER?" Yongguk shouted threateningly, that everyone ducked. Aside from Himchan, who continued to give food where it belongs, and tried to ignore it.
Every time, when he gave his precious animal friend wash, it was the same. The same roar, same scene….same reunion after the entire wash cycle.
"Three…two…one…" The black-haired boy counted in peace to himself, before angry brown-haired boy burst into the kitchen.
"Himchan-ah, I'll kill you, return him immediately. Just don't wash him!" Yongguk was furious and held Himchan firmly by the arm.
"Too late!" He told with stone face and pointed to the washing machine…there were spinning one large orange-black smudge.
It approached the end of the washing program and Yongguk still didn't move an inch. He sat down in front of a washing machine and watched his pet. Of course, he sat in the way to the kitchen and made himself the greatest adult poor thing.
He knew very well, that it will take a while before his dear tiger dries. But he was kind of hoping that Himchan will not torture him and puts him in the dryer.
Why does he always do this? Truth. He was little dependent on his little friend, and the idea, that he will be even minute without it…but even so….maybe if Himchan asked me, if he could wash my tiger, I would give it to him.
How much I had experienced with my plush toy. The idea, that a machine could hurt him come so terribly heartbreaking, that Yongguk grabbed his shirt and shook his head, to drive out those thoughts.
Another hour of torture passed, when his beloved stuffed animal was put through the drying process. But at least, it was gentler than hanging it on the line and to keep the smog from cars sink into the soft fabric.
At least, he thought as he was above the dryer, watching time slowly passing on timer. And even when the others tried to convince him, that everything will be okay, and need to eat, it was useless…
He usually dismissed them with some murmuring, and further devoted himself staring ahead. Finally, he slightly relieved, when the timer reset and dryer whistled softly announcing end of the program. But when Yongguk pulled his friend out from the bowels of that horrible machine, he almost had a heart attack.
One eye was slightly ripped. Hanging down, and thanks to this…the whole toy looked pretty bizarre.
"Haaaaaaa! I'll kill HIM!" Yongguk started screaming and everyone attention was at him.
Moreover, who wouldn't probably notice the elephant footsteps, which were coming closer towards living room?! Himchan slightly lifted his head from his new book he began to read a few days ago, and looked blankly towards, from where they heard Yongguk's tireless cursing.
"Look what you've done" Boy above Himchan cried, his voice perhaps two octaves higher than normal. This sounded, as if someone had grabbed his crotch.
Himchan just sighed and put the bookmark into the book and gently laid it next to him. He then stood up and held his hand in front of his leader, demanding the damaged toy.
"I'll not give it to you, what if you destroy it even more." Older boy protested.
"Oh yeah. Either you give it to me and I'll fix it, or it will stay like this…I dunno…like forever." Himchan didn't move an inch…even his face were stiff.
Yongguk looked slightly embarrassed, but then gave Himchan his toy. But immediately run after the younger, when he went into their shared room, where he had stiches.
It was tiring to be the only one, who can sew anything….
Yongguk carefully watched younger's hands. He had to admit, Himchan really knew what he was doing. The fingers of black-haired boy worked very gently.
But he came, that it takes too long. And finally, when the toy was almost sewed, from eternal waiting, Yongguk fell asleep. Himchan just sighed and pushed the repaired toy to his leader.
"Always making such a big deal around it, huh? It's clear it makes you exhausted." Himchan smiled to himself and left sleeping boy alone. Leader just smacked his lips contentedly.
"You were supposed to hold him longer!"
"But Hyung, it didn't work…he probably suspected something…"
"And do you need to wash it every month??"
"And you want to catch flu?"

"Yeah! Do you know all the places, where he took it with him?!"

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