Daehyun and his hungry tummy

5. září 2014 v 16:23 | ~Tokki~ |  Daehyun and his hungry tummy [ ENGLISH - COMPLETE ]

Beautiful silence echoed through the room.
So pardon me ....A few sounds there certainly was. This somewhat noisy snoring complements the sound of bubbling from the mouth of the youngest sleeper. And few sentences ...which, in his sleep claimed one of the main vocalists.
"Give it to me! It's my rabbit ......" Youngjae whined and tried to pull the blanket off the shoulders of the second vocalist.
"Hyung, we ran out of tomatoes ..."Zelo was shaking with Yongguk's arms.
And even though the six bodies rippled like worms in the can, no one didn't look that he wanted to get up.
Sounded rather quietly. At least, compared to other sounds in room. But even that was enough for one person sat down urgently. His hair was tousled and his eyes were still glued with sleep. Even so, he kept hand on his belly gently rubbed it in circular motions. Smacked his lips disapprovingly at it. He probably hated that the sun was shining into his eyes.
That sounded somehow eagerly. Vocalist sighed and rubbed his temples lightly with his fingers. Apparently he was hungry. This for him was something, which was on a daily basis. And he made no secret of the, that he had been most rewarding boarder. Not waiting until his eyes adjust to the influx of light, and immediately rose on still fragile feet.
He did not care that he tripped on members of the group, along the way. He needed to get something into his stomach….and preferably, immediately. On the way to the kitchen scratching the back of his head and his steps rather resembled a drunken orangutan. He stopped a few steps away from the fridge, when he actually remembered, that he probably will have to eat someone from the group, if he doesn't want to die of hunger.
Their fridge broke a few days ago and they were all dependent on instant food. Which wasn't definitely enough for this person.
So only one option remained…..
And that, go buy something…….
So he rushed back into the room where five other bodies still happily asleep. And this time, really quietly. Hungry boy went up on tiptoes to the dresser, where he took the shirt and pants.He really didn't care, what he wore. He would be even able, to run naked for a meal, if it didn't work otherwise. Others think, that he was crazy. But for him, the food was everything. And even the fans knew it....
Now he would definitely give the golden pig, that there in front of dorm was a groupie with freshly baked pancakes…..
He grabbed his wallet and keys on the table in the hall, quietly slipped into the shoes and then rushed out.
With the words: ... One for all and all for food.
But no one was outside, not even fans. It looked as if humanity died out, and he was left alone. This includes all stores that were closed. Even non-stop shops had their banners off. Daehyun began to panic. What happened?
…..than…another epiphany came, when random poster whizzed around his leg.
Today was one of those holidays when everything is indeed closed. Thus, he probably really left with nothing more than to die from hunger .....
Sadly he trudged home. Were he didn't really want, because there were no food. He wondered if the neighbors would have left some remains that his stomach not eats itself. The more he thought about, the more he could hear his belly. t was believable as a jackhammer sounds. ATTENTION roadworks…
With a final sigh, he took the handle of the door to their apartment.He was ready for everything. With other members awakened, with lots of noise....even with the hungry cries....
But he never counted with the fact that his nose fills up the pleasant sweet aroma of cooking. He kicked off shoes and immediately ran into the kitchen. He wanted to kiss the person who had prepared him the best surprises in his life.
Youngjae stood before the stove, an apron tied around his waist, only to say that. He was a boy at all, and although he could get dirty, he's against chance rather than to act feminine.
Daehyun didn't wait long and wrapped his thin arms around Youngjae's waist and squeezed, making younger boy pulled back into his arms.
"I love you Yoo Youngjae ..... and you do not know how much!"

"Really?...Y-you do?" Youngjae blushed without Daehyun knew. He also loved him. Even though, he knew that for Daehyun it's just pure love for a full tummy….

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